Fresh Paint !

So the freshly painted parts of the Falcone arrived.
Props to our painter, it really looks terrific !
The Engine is also almost done, so the assembly can start.


A few updates from the SS.
Seat and frontfender are done.
Tank and Seat are getting painted right now.

So all we can do now is waiting…

Seat !

So after we weren’t so happy with our first design, here comes the new idea.
It’s a seat in the style of the old bevel Imola seats, fitted to the frame of the SS from 1991 to 1995, without the needs of cutting the frame.

If enough people like it we will produce more !

Ducati Updates

So the assembly has just started and we created a cool Alloy-Fender, it just has to be shortened a bit.
But here are a few pics !