The assembling did start !

So the first steps in assembling the CB750 are done, she stands on her own two feet and has some small parts attached to her body, and you can sit on her and pretend you are riding her ;)

Pretty cool, heh ?^^

The Parts for the CX are at powdercoating right now, and should be back in 1-2 weeks.

So exciting ;)

CB750 Tank

Right now we are in the final phase of preparing the CB750 for assembling.
And now we try to find a cool way to make the tank design as awesome as possible ;)

First Idea is to go bare-metal with a satin-black stripe in the middle.
So right now we are polishing the tank to make it ready for paint, if this does turn out to look stupid, we will paint the whole tank in a color we have not yet chosen.

So keep up2date!