CX500 @ „the Bike Shed“ !


Unseren CX500 Cafe Racer Umbau findet Ihr nun auch auf „the Bike Shed„.
Danke Dutch !

There is a nice little writeup by Dutch from „the Bike Shed“ about our CX500 Cafe Racer Build.


CB750 parking in „the Bike Shed“

Yes, after the Ducati we are allowed to park our CB750 in the most sexy online garage you can imagine !

„THE Bike Shed!“

Dutch posted a nice article about us and you can check it out over here!
or by clicking on the picture below.




Our Ducati on the Bike Shed !

BikeshedpreviewA few days ago, Dutch from the Bike Shed featured our Ducati SS Cafe Racer on his wonderful page, along with some very nice words about the Ducati and Cafe2Ride.
We are totally flattered and happy to see, that our build gets so much attention.

Building bikes is really such a pleasure, and if there are more people who like our work, than just ourselves you notice that you did something right ;)
So we are really looking forward to see how our next builds, the CB750 and the CX500, are coming across.

Maybe we see each other again on certain and awesome motorcycle blogs.

Here is a little preview:

25 year old Sven from Germany had been enjoying his 1992 Ducati 900ss for four years before deciding that his ride could be way cooler with a little time & effort, but rather than just embarking on a simple little home-build he opted instead to join his father Andreas and his friend Thomas to start a mini-venture of their own, messing with bikes, called Cafe 2 Ride.

The best cafe customs are often the most simple. Back in the day cafe racer’s were not so much built-up to a design as stripped-down to the bare essentials. Bikes were simply coming out of the manufacturer’s factories too heavy and too slow, so the ton-up boys cut the fat and added some muscle. Looks like this 900ss is an object lesson in doing the same, and we thoroughly approve.

To read the whole article about the Ducati just follow this link: the Bike Shed

Cheers !