1982 Honda XL500R

So, für Arbeit über den Winter ist gesorgt !
Diese schicke, aber dennoch überholungsbedürftige, ‪Honda‬ ‪XL500R‬ ‪PD02‬ hat sich heute in unsere Werkstatt verirrt.
Jetzt heisst es erstmal Ideen sammeln und schauen, was uns damit alles so einfällt.
Sprang nach langer Standzeit aber auf den 2. Tritt an, das ist ja erstmal kein schlechtes Zeichen ;)
Well, here is our winterproject.
This Honda XL500R arrived at our workshop today.
Let’s see what we can make with this solid base.
Only minor rust and the bike started on the second kick after a long downtime, pretty good sign heh ?

Oldtimer Rallye Kierspe

Samstag Oldtimer Rallye in Kierspe war wieder einmal grandios.
Habs auf den sechsten Platz in meiner Klasse geschafft und wurde insgesamt 14ter von ~ 70 Teilnehmern, mit nur 2,02 Strafsekunden.
Dafür gabs auch eine kleine Trophäe ;)

Aber demnächst gehts bestimmt noch besser^^
Man sieht sich dort nächstes Jahr.

On saturday we competed in this years oldtimer rallye in Kierspe, Germany.
I managed to finish sixth in my class and overall 14th of aprox. 70 competors with only 2,02 fail seconds on the clock.
All in all, it was a great day.
See you there next year

1981 Honda XL500S

C2R #7 - Honda XL500S

1981 Honda XL500 S – PD01

Specs / Spezifikationen:
ENG: As fans of „On any Sunday“ we asked ourselves, if we are able to build a scrambler that looks like it was made for racing in the 60’s.
Well, this Honda XL500S was our guinea pig ;)
Now you have to tell us, if we achieved the goal ?

The bike was completely torn apart, because it sat in a barn for 23-years covered in rust, oil, grease and dust.
So there was alot of work to do, but on the otherhand, the donor wasn’t super expensive :)
The frame got shortened in the rear and we fitted a sweet stainless-steel rearhoop.
Frame, swingarm, kickstarter, footpegs, triple-tree, and lots of other stuff got powdercoated.
The other parts got painted or atleast polished, to look as shiny-new as possible.
To guarantee the bikes 60’s look, we fitted aluminum-fenders and kept everything as minimal as possible.
The XL500S fuel-tank was replaced with the smaller one from the XL250 to give the whole bike a smaller line.
The seat got shortened and turned into a solo-seat, but mounting the original seat for 2-people still is possible.
Lots of different additions followed, like the BSM-Enduro exhaust, aluminum-numberplates, bates-style headlight, bear-claw footpegs, and and and…

There was a point during this build, where we thought of changing the original 23″-front-wheel with the 21″-front-wheel from the XL600R to get some more options in tyre choices, but than decided to stay with the original one just because of „rarity„.
You don’t see bikes that often these days, with these wheel dimensions (well except for unridable chopper customs ;) )

Now that the valves have been adjusted, the fuels have been changed, new brake shoes have been fitted and everything else has been maintained, the bike runs and drives superb and has lots of Powerrrr… to play with.

More pics soon, stay tuned !
PS: There are going to be some minor changes to the bike soon, like redoing the seat one more time (not 100% satisfied right now), maybe adding a stainless-steel manifold or atleast some heat-wrap and repainting the fuel-tank,…because I (Sven) dropped it :-(

DE: Als Fans von „On any Sunday“ haben wir uns gefragt, ob wir uns nicht auch einen richtig schönen Scrambler bauen können im Stile der 60er Jahre.
Nun ja, diese Honda XL500S war unser Versuchskaninchen bei diesem Unterfangen.
Genaue Beschreibung über den Umbau, demnächst !
Oben stehts aber schonmal auf englisch ;)

C2R #7 - Honda XL500S
C2R #7 - Honda XL500S
C2R #7 - Honda XL500S
C2R #7 - Honda XL500S
C2R #7 - Honda XL500S

Some before pics: